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Building and Engineering Elite Services (B.E.E.S) is a professional conglomerate of service providers and contractors designed to investigate and solve even some of the most intricate maintenance issues.

Our customers value our 3 levels of service:

  • Landscaping Services Burtonsville

    Level 1

  • Landscaping Services Burtonsville

    Level 2

  • Landscaping Services Burtonsville

    Level 3

Our Services Include: Interior Maintenance/ Repair Services | Exterior Maintenance/ Repair Services | Landscaping Services

We offer Residential / Commercial Maintenance Services across Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Leesburg, Burtonsville, Rockville, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Towson, Frederick, Waldorf, Westminster, Annapolis, Prince George's County, Laurel, and the surrounding areas.

For Handyman Services, Contact Building And Engineering Elite Services in Burtonsville, Maryland


  • “I'm totally satisfied with the work that was done by the B.E.E.S. The house and yard look a lot better. Thanks so much. I'm extremely happy. 

    Steven Bethea

    Roofing Services Maryland
  • “Yes, the fence and tree removal is complete and looks great! My neighbor even agreed to contribute to the project. Thanks so much... Read More

    Galen Gregor

    Roofing Services Maryland
  • Thank you so much for the work done by the B.E.E.S! I cannot tell you how much that means to me and those of us who truly take pride in where we live!!

    Elisabet Kincaid

    Roofing Services Maryland

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