Tanora Joyner-Medlock

Author: Mock Webware |

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in getting the Roof Work done. It's been long time overdue and a long haul for me with the roof problems I was having. The roof had me on nerve every time it snows, rain, ice or winding weather.  The weather was holding the B.E.E.S up for quite a while with the Indian summer and then the rain.  I am very thankful to you again because you always follow-up and followed through and we had great communication and most of all you honored my request to have the B.E.E.S do the Roof Work. The B.E.E.S took pictures to show me the work. The B.E.E.S take so much pride in their work and so do I. They did a fantastic job.”

Thankful and Grateful,

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