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Do you struggle to keep the outside of your establishment spick and span? Have you tried different deep cleaning methods only to receive unsatisfactory results? When cleaning outdoor surfaces like tile or stone, it’s more challenging to extract the dirt and grime. These surfaces are usually rough, which means that dirt and other microbes can remain embedded in them, causing them to lose their color, sheen, grip, and ultimately their durability. To protect the external surfaces of your property, you need to clean them thoroughly. To do so, you need an effective cleaning product like ProKlenz.

ProKlenz is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner specifically formulated for natural stone, agglomerate stones, concrete, porcelain, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, and grout. It is recommended for clean hard, non-porous surfaces like floors, walls, and also manufacturing equipment and automatic washing equipment, including mixing vessels and packaging equipment. It has a very faint odor and is safe to use on most hard surfaces. 

How to use it?
The instructions to use ProKlenz will vary based on the type of surface you want to clean. But, the basic steps involve pre-cleaning the surface to remove the top layer of dirt or visible soil. The next step is to thoroughly wet the surface with the ProKlenz cleaner at a 5% solution with de-ionized water at 60°C (140°F). Let the cleaner sit on the surface for at least ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. This low foaming product removes a wide range of process residues, from fermentation by-products to silicone-based emulsions and lubricants. To learn more about it’s cleaning features, please click here.

After using the ProKlenz cleaner, remember to thoroughly rinse the areas where it’s been used (with clean water) to ensure it’s washed off completely. ProKlenz is a corrosive and irritating detergent that can injure the eyes and skin if it comes in contact with them. As a result, it must be handled with care. Please read the label details and instructions of this product for proper use. For more information on ProKlenz usage, you can click here.

The ProKlenz cleaner is specifically designed for property managers in the residential and commercial industry, professional cleaners for businesses, schools, hospitals, grounds maintenance professionals, janitorial service professionals, facility maintenance professionals, and anyone that needs to clean an outdoor surface composed of stone, concrete, and other similar surfaces.

If you’re worried about it being mishandled or used inappropriately on your property by you or your regular cleaners, you can reach out to Building And Engineering Elite Services. We specialize in solving intricate maintenance issues and have the necessary experience to use cleaning chemicals like ProKlenz effectively. Besides this, our professionals are highly knowledgeable about the different types of products that are available to homeowners and other individuals looking to maximize their efforts to preserve, maintain, and enhance their properties. Products such as ProKlenz may not be known to most homeowners but is a better option than most generally found household cleaning products.

ProKlenz® ONE High-Performance Alkaline Cleaner is specially formulated to meet the unique cleaning demands found in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and other industries requiring an effective, validated detergent. But it can also be used by several others for their cleaning requirements, provided it’s used carefully.

How much does it cost, and where can you get it?
The pricing of ProKlenz will vary, but it will generally cost around $20 to $25 for one gallon. For professional firms like Building And Engineering Elite Services, as we buy a significant quantity of the detergent in bulk, we receive a substantial discount. When you choose our services, we can pass on these savings to you.

But, if you plan on acquiring the ProKlenz cleaner by your self, you have the option of using online suppliers like:

1. VMC


In case you do not live within our service area or want a more subtle cleaner, you have options like StoneTech Klenz All Cleaner, Mucasol® Laboratory Detergent, and Miracle Sealants 32 oz. While these alternatives are decent cleaners, they take longer than ProKlenz to show results, and usually, they aren’t as effective.

To know more about ProKlenz and how we use it to thoroughly clean outdoor spaces, reach out to the experts at Building And Engineering Elite Services. We are general contractors in Burtonsville, Maryland, and we offer a board range of cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for your interiors, exteriors, and landscapes. Our services are available for residential and commercial purposes to clients across Washington, Alexandria, Leesburg, Burtonsville, Rockville, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Towson, Frederick, Waldorf, Westminster, Annapolis, Prince George’s County, Laurel, and the surrounding areas.

For details on how our services work, please visit our website or get in touch with us by giving us a call at (301) 531 4053 or clicking here

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