Making A Difference When Serving Community Associations In DC, MD, and VA

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Working with a contractor comes with the ease of knowing that the individual you are working with will sort everything out, which means that is one less thing to worry about. We tend to be proactive when there are small tasks that need to get done around the house, but the tiniest inconvenience and we get deterred from completing them.

A contractor, on the other hand, is responsible for providing all the material, labor, equipment, including vehicles and tools, and services necessary for the construction of the project. In some cases, they might even hire subcontractors depending on the degree of work. Small changes around the house might need smaller teams, while larger ones might need a few more people.

In the past couple of months, our firm has been instrumental in supporting Community Associations, Community Managers and their Board Members with all their property maintenance needs. Our area has experienced a lot of severe storms such as tornado Isaias that caused property damage leading to emergency services and insurance claims. In the past few months, we successfully performed: emergency tree removal services, roof leak repairs, debris and landscaping restoration services, and other property repair services.

We received emails from people telling us about the work we did and how it had a positive influence on their lives. We do not have any of this content online, but these testimonials and being able to help people are the reasons why we do what we do.

We received emails thanking us for the roof leak repairs, multiple smaller tasks, and how homeowners were pleased that we managed to complete the work in such a short time. I think they were not sure about us completing the work within the timeline stated and were very happy when we did.

As a company, we have to keep changing and getting better at what we do. It is also crucial to add new features to assist our clients. In the past few months, we introduced a new homeowner and client referral program, providing up to 20% discount for all first-time customers. We also implemented a new preventative maintenance program for Residential and Commercial Property Managers, Community Associations Managers, and Community Associations. We will inspect all HVAC systems, vents and ducts, water heaters, and other mechanical systems and provide a routine maintenance program.

We know that our clients who have been devastated by the storms and might not be able to put in large amounts of money. In many cases, they are working with insurance companies to get the amounts they are spending on their housework. Our programs are usually budget-friendly and will attempt to help people proactively perform maintenance, repairs, and replacements so they can prevent failures before they ever have the chance to occur. Our services serve as a management tool for property managers to increase productivity, save money, and plan efficiently.

Of course, every company has to do their fair share and work to pay bills, but most of what we do comes from helping people in any small ways that we can. When we are not working, some of the social causes we handle are:

1. The fight against poverty (homelessness)

2. Racism and Discrimination

3. Domestic Violence

As a company, we conduct food drives every year. We also participate in rehabilitation programs supporting social and economic development and change, especially within marginalized communities and the homeless. We donated to organizations like, habitat for humanity, other charitable organizations, and many hospitals and frontline workers amid the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our team of service professionals went above and beyond the call of duty to serve clients and customers. The pandemic has been quite challenging with work slowing down, while meeting or working with people, in person, can be scary, but we exceeded our clients’ expectations. In the immediate future, we plan on expanding our service areas and continue to hire more qualified professionals. We are also exploring the possibility of a mobile app that allows for increased customer service transparency and increased customer satisfaction. Lastly, we plan to add a few more service options and offerings. Some of these will include an In-Unit Service Program allowing homeowners to pay a nominal monthly fee to receive various services (e.g., house cleaning, landscaping, handyman services, etc.) for a fraction of the total individual costs.

If you are looking to work with a company that understands building and engineering services, we are your team. Get in touch with us at Building And Engineering Elite Services, where we provide residential, commercial, interior and exterior maintenance and landscaping services to suit all your needs. We have a team that can assist with designs and work on other smaller and bigger issues around your premises. We work with clients across Washington, Alexandria, Leesburg, Burtonsville, Rockville, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Towson, Frederick, Waldorf, Westminster, Annapolis, Prince George’s County, Laurel and the surrounding areas. If you want to go through the various services we offer, click here. If you would like to get in touch with us, please click here

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